We see faith as a core component inspiring prophetic change: Faith has and will be a source of motivation, solutions, context, and vitality in the work for justice and equality. Our effort to develop and expand our faith stories is a continuation of traditions where faith comes about through action in the public square.



At the core of our programs is the belief that transformative experiences happen with service and action. Through direct volunteering in proven local organizations working with the poor and homeless, Pilgrimage groups engage in vital service to the D.C. community. Through their service groups receive as much as they give, witnessing the reality of what it means to be hungry and poor in the nation’s capital.



The Pilgrimage provides a uniquely reflective environment.  We focus on reflection because it provides context which is necessary for growth and understanding. With our deep well of reflection-based resources, Pilgrimage groups take a step back to think critically, ask questions, and transform their service experiences into something that lets them apply their learnings to a broader social and faith awareness.

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