Who Stays With Us?

Season September through May June through August
Size of Groups
Minimum of 10 people
Maximum of 40 people
Minimum of 15 people
Maximum of 40 people

The short answer is anyone.  Members of any faith tradition, race, and sex are free to stay with us at any time.  We do not have any age requirements.

However, we do not book single person reservations.  Though we have hostel-type housing, we do not rent out beds one at a time.  In order to stay at The Pilgrimage, you must be part of a group.

You can stay with us if you bring fewer than 10 people (or 15 during the summer months) but you must cover the costs of the minimum.

Do I have to participate in programming?


During your stay at The Pilgrimage you are not required to participate in our programming or engage in service.  However, we only accept reservations from groups that come to Washington, D.C. to participate in activities that align with The Pilgrimage's mission and/or we support in another manner.  As a service-learning institution, we do not house groups that come to Washington, D.C. only to sightsee. Still, we open our facilities to groups coming to D.C. with a myriad of purposes.  

If you have any questions about whether your group fulfills this requirement, please give us a call at 202-387-6615 and we will discuss your situation on a case-by-case basis.