Who is eligible to receive this grant?

Any group or individual who stayed has stayed at The Pilgrimage within the past three years. No group or individual will be eligible to receive grants more than once within a two-year period.

For what purposes will funding be granted?

A variety of activities.  We will provide funding for creative projects that allow a congregation, community, or individual to engage with the pressing needs of the homeless, hungry, sick, and poor within their local community.  We will also provide funding for projects that allow an individual or group to engage with a global mission that is connected in some way to their own local community.

How much funding will be given?

The amount of each grant will depend on the application and request.  The maximum for a grant is $500.

Who makes the final decision for grants?

Members of The Pilgrimage Board and Staff will make all final decisions on grants.

How do you apply for the scholarship/grant?

Go to our Online Application and fill out the application in its entirety.

When are applications due?

We award grants twice a year.  Deadlines for applications will be included on the website when submissions are being acceped.

When will I find out if I received the grant?

We will announce the recipients of the Community Initiative SEED Fund one month after the deadline.