As a service-learning institution, our programs at The Pilgrimage include "doing things" for people like serving a meal and repairing a home. However, service for people is only a component of our learning process. We are focused on enabling and motivating young people to see that "the way things are now, is not the only way they have to be." Schedules vary depending upon a group's desired experiences, the time of year you stay with us, and availability of service providers, speakers, etc. We are open to exploring almost any programming option you can imagine; if you have something you would like us to explore, let us know

Isolated service lacks the necessary context and examination that allows youth to take responsibility for shaping their lives, their community, and their environment. As a result, we utilize the following educational structure to create and plan holistic educational experiences.


While action (service) is incredibly important, at The Pilgrimage we believe it is an empty experience if not accompanied by learning and reflection. Our learning activities are intended to educate, deepening our participants' intellectual understanding of the systematic causes, currently implemented solutions and basic facts surrounding the issues their trip has focused on.




A key component to our programming is service. Service represents action, an important educational tool that demands participants engage with the problem in front of them. Though we will work to obtain the volunteering opportunities you request, we cannot guarantee any specific service location/type because we work with volunteer organizations' schedules that are often subject to change.  There are two main types of service and volunteering that we arrange: direct and indirect service.  Both fill important needs for the agencies we partner with and the people they aim to assist; one does not inherently provide a deeper and more influential experience than the other.

Public Advocacy

Do you have a cause you don't feel is getting enough attention but don't know what to do about it?  Are you serious about becoming part of a solution to deep rooted problems in the world, tired of standing on the sidelines apathetically?  Do you want to learn what you can do in the face of a seemingly overwhelming problem?  Our Public Advocacy programming might be what you are looking for.


Reflection provides the opportunity to process and connect service and learning. It can be done individually and as a group. At The Pilgrimage, we believe in an action-reflection model of learning; learning can only occur when both components are present and powerful. We aim to create a physical space at The Pilgrimage that encourages, elicits and evokes moments of reflection throughout your stay at The Pilgrimage.