The Mission of the Pilgrimage

Our mission is to help young people and adults connect their faith with social awareness and action. Through a pedagogy based on service, interactive programs and reflection, we seek to embolden and empower young people and adults toward lives that strive for a more equitable and just world.

The Vision of the Pilgrimage

Our Vision is to build communities where people are invested in eradicating hunger, homelessness, and poverty with a deep understanding of the myths, stereotypes, and systemic structures that create these inequalities.
The Pilgrimage recognizes that the world is not as it should be; it is broken by hunger, homelessness, poverty, and the inequalities that arise from and because of these issues. A direct result of failing systems and broken relationships, this world can only be changed if we inspire and learn from the following important foundations of change.

YOUTH - We see youth as powerful and untapped agents of change: When young people are connected with constructive approaches to eradicating the inequalities we have identified, they can step up to be leaders in their own community. By investing in youth we are engaging a population that has enormous potential for future and can handle the responsibilities that come with social awareness today.
FAITH - We see faith as a core component inspiring prophetic change: Our faith stories provide a firm foothold for dealing with the complexity of our broken world. Faith has and will be a source of motivation, solutions, context, and vitality in the work for justice and equality. Our effort to develop and expand our faith stories is a continuation of traditions where faith comes about through action in the public square.


By connecting faith formation to social awareness and action, 
we are creating people who are invested in making
immediate change as well as young people who will carry a
life-long commitment to social justice.