Making a Reservation


How do I make a reservation?

Want to make a reservation? Start by submitting an Inquiry Form to express your interest.  We only take reservations by phone: 202-387-6615.  Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.  The one exception is our summer dates; for June through August trips we begin accepting reservations the first week of September.

You are welcome to email us with questions at, and all reservations start with the Inquiry Form and then confirmed with a phone conversation.  This is an intentional reservation process that begins with building a relationship with you. 

What if I want to make a tentative reservation?

If you are not ready to commit to a reservation with a deposit, we will make a tentative reservation for one month.  You are not required to put down a deposit on a tentative reservation.  If another group calls to inquire about the same dates (and for more space than we have remaining), we will contact you and give you 48 hours to decide if you are ready to commit and formalize your reservation.  If, however, we do not hear from you or you are not ready to fully commit with a deposit, we will give those spots to another group.  If you have not confirmed your tentative reservation within one month, we will make reservations without giving you first right of refusal.

Why do you only take reservations over the phone?

We only take reservations over the phone for two reasons.  First, we believe in relationships.  When you stay with us at The Pilgrimage you are entering into a relationship with us.  While we believe that email is an important form of communication (one that we use extensively with you after the initial phone conversation), a phone reservation ensures that we begin the relationship engaged with you.

Secondly, we believe in purpose.  Your stay at The Pilgrimage means that you are coming to Washington, D.C. with a purpose; we want to find out what that purpose is.  We use the phone reservation to begin the process of fleshing out what your time in Washington, D.C. will look like.

What happens when I make a reservation?

The reservation process is an opportunity for The Pilgrimage to gather information so we ask that you are prepared with a few important things.  When you make a reservation we take down pertinent information: name, contact information, group size, dates of arrival and departure, etc.  This is important for us because it will dictate the content of the contract that we send you and the size of deposit you send to us.  Learn more about our Payment and Deposit Policies.

We will also use this time to begin the formation of your program with us.  You do not need to know everything that you want to do when you stay with us (though it is wonderful if you do!); the creation of your schedule at The Pilgrimage is a process.  However, it is important that you have a general idea of what you are looking for and are willing to discuss various possibilities.

What are your reservation policies?

Learn more about Our Policies (minimum group numbers, minimum/maximum number nights, etc.).