Nightly Lodging Rate

Our nightly rate per person is $39. This includes full use of The Pilgrimage facility.

We charge for a minimum of 10 people for 2 nights during the school year (September - May). We charge for a minimum of 15 people during the summer (June - August).

Programming Fee

There is a flat group programming fee if we contribute to creating your schedule and program. This covers the cost for workshops, speakers, and time spent scheduling volunteer shifts. Our programming fee depends on the length of stay and group size.


  • $350 for 10-14 people

  • $400 for 15-20 people

  • $500 for 21-30 people

  • $600 for 31-40 people


  • $500 for 10-14 people

  • $600 for 15-20 people

  • $750 for 21-30 people

  • $1,000 for 31-40 people

Total Cost Formula

To find the total cost for your group use this formula:

  • (# of people) x (# of nights) x $39 = total facility fee + programming fee

  • Example: 15 people x 7 nights x $39 = $4,095. Add $600.00 for the group programming fee to get $4,695.

Security Deposit

A $250 security deposit is due one month before your arrival. This deposit invoice will be sent to you two months prior to your arrival date. This deposit needs to be a separate check from your final payment. The deposit will not be used if you fulfill the Covenant Agreement by cleaning appropriately and to the satisfaction of The Pilgrimage staff. As part of our low cost, groups help us prepare for the next group's arrival by cleaning The Pilgrimage before you leave. If the cleaning checklists are not fully completed, or other damages from your group are found, then the security deposit will be kept. If all goes well and we do not keep your security deposit, these checks are shredded by default unless it is requested that the check be returned.

What is NOT included?

The cost does not include food, towels, bedding, public transportation, or any other extracurricular activities. Some financial aid is available to groups who could not otherwise independently finance a Pilgrimage program. For further information contact Director, Rachel Pacheco.